Lock in 6 months of fuel savings

Business Fuel Card

4c off
per litre

At Shell & Coles Express1

2c off
per litre

At other fuel sites2

Where the fuel card is accepted

Save with an introductory rate of $1.993 per card.

  • Your choice of fuel stations4
  • Monitor spend and control vehicle expenses
  • No more fuel receipts with one monthly consolidated tax invoice
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Save time & costs
Steamline your business fuel management with a fuel card for each vehicle or employee.
Your choice of fuels
Access over 5,700 station’s Australia wide such as Shell, BP, 7-Eleven and more.
Fraud protection
Control and monitor spend with alerts and purchase controls on each fuel card.

Run the numbers

Calculate savings

See how much your business could be saving by simply selecting how much you spend on fuel, and your station preference.
How much does your business spend on fuel per month?
Which fuel stations do you use?

Fuel savings in the first year.

Based on 4c/l discount and a calculated usage of 682 litres at $1.78/l.
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Shell Card Shell Card

Ongoing savings of 4c per litre off premium fuel and 2c per litre off regular fuel.

Card fees are waved for new customers in promotional period.

6c off
per litre

Promotional discount lasting 9 months for eligible new customers.

Free quote fuel card specialist Check eligibility

Amazing fuel card benefits

There are countless amazing fuel card benefits that go beyond saving money off the pump price.

Save Admin Time

Using a fuel card means you don’t need to keep fuel receipts or scan and consolidate them come tax time. With a fuel card, each fuel payment is logged on the card and consolidated into one invoice come tax time. This will save your admin team countless hours of work. Not to mention no loss of receipts & admin errors!

Monitor Overspending

Fuel cards help you to monitor overspending. Most fuel card providers will allow you to generate reports or download fuel usage data, which will help you analyse your fuel expenses and give you a good overview of how much you’re spending on fuel. By analysing this date, you can effectively and quickly begin to reduce business fuel expenses.

Anti-fraud Protection

Unlike a business debit or credit card, a fuel card has excellent anti-fuel-fraud protection. With most fuel cards, you can assign a card to an individual driver, a registration number, and a car make and model. You can even protect fuel card usage based on an odometer reading. Furthermore, you can set transaction limits or daily limits. This level of protection and security makes it much easier to keep tabs on what each company car is costing the business to run.

Fuel Savings

And of course, fuel savings. You can’t always ask your employees to fill up when it’s cheap. Fuel cards give you peace of mind your employees are covered whenever and wherever they are, and with a discount off the pump price.

1. Offer does not include LPG or Adblue fuels. Per litre, discounts are off the pump price, and are GST inclusive at Shell & Coles Express fuel sites.
2. Offer applies to other fuel brands such as Woolworth, BP, Mobil, 7-Eleven, Liberty and Ampol.
3. Introductory card fee for the first 6 months only.
4. Fuel card is accepted over 5,800 stations Australia-wide which includes brands such as Shell, Coles Express, Woolworth, BP Connect, Mobil, 7 Eleven, Liberty and Ampol.

Is your company eligible for a Business Fuel Card?