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WEX Motorpass

As one of Australia's largest multi-branded fuel card providers, WEX Motorpass has designed its fuel card with convenience in mind. It is one of the most widely accepted fuel cards in Australia, with the ability to use it at 93% of fuel sites country wide.

Accepted at
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The number of locations you can use the card Locations
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Pros & Cons

What's good?

Flexibility to use it at multiple brands
Has a wide network of vehicle related brands that accept WEX Motorpass
You may stack Woolworths discount dockets with the cards
Has a mobile app to manage your account
Intuitive control panel for card and account management

What's not so good?

Ordering new cards cost $8.80 each
2% surcharge on all purchases at Coles Express
Discounts at non-fuel brands not stackable to existing promotions

Our review

Our review of the WEX Motorpass
Reviewed by Ally Burnie
Last update 26 May 2021

When it comes to true multi-branded fuel cards, there are two real contenders. WEX Motorpass Fuel Card is one of them. They have designed their offering to target businesses that enjoy card flexibility over the small pump discounts competitors offer by packing it full of features.
Besides being accepted at 93% of fuel stations around Australia, they are the first in the multi-branded fuel card space to introduce a mobile app to manage your account on the go which can show you recent transactions and even deactivate cards on the spot.

Most of the negative reviews from WEX Motorpass customers seem to stem from customer support issues, and promotional offerings where they have made it seem like fuel cards means you’ll spend less money overall, which sadly isn’t the case. Recently, however, WEX has been upfront about their additional fees, with everything outlined on their website.

Overall, the WEX Motorpass Fuel Card offers plenty of flexibility, including what and how you can use the card.

Quick facts

  • Accepted at over 6,000 locations across Australia
  • $5 per card + GST (1-5 cards) paid monthly, with discounts for additional cards
  • $0.75c transaction fees (2% surcharge when used at Coles Express)
  • Several perks and discounts partners

WEX Motorpass also boasts of a robust benefit structure from discounts on fuel purchase to deals on tyres, batteries, servicing and even accommodation. With access to over 6,000 locations, the ability to tailor purchase limits on each card and the benefit of not being tied down to one specific fuel brand, the WEX Motorpass certainly gives you great control over your company’s fleet.

WEX Motorpass Fees

While WEX Motorpass can be used at 93% of fuel stations Australia wide, this benefit does come with some fees (at least compared to its smaller competitors). Firstly, is its monthly management fee: $5 per card (1-5 cards), $4.50 per card (6-10 cards), $4.00 per card (11-24 cards), and $3.85 per card (25+ cards). To get an additional card, it’s another one-time payment of $8.00, while a replacement card is also $8.00. Express card delivery fee is $10.00 per envelope.

Meanwhile, you’ll also cop a $60 late payment fee (+5.82% of the overdue amount). There is also a $0.75c transaction fee on all purchases at all stations, except Coles Express where it’s a flat 2% surcharge.

Paper statement fees cost $5.95 per statement, while quarterly activity reports cost $12.73 per card. An annual activity report costs $15.00 per card. With 10 or more cards, however, you get a 1% discount off statement value.

Security features

In terms of security features, WEX Motorpass Fuel Cards offer a few options depending on what type of card you get. It’s important to note PINs are not available at all merchants.

Card option Features Suitable for
Driver & Vehicle Card One card for use by the same driver and same vehicle
Card embossing contains driver’s name and vehicle rego
Driver’s signature required
Card can be set up with PIN
Regular drivers assigned to their own vehicles
Driver Card One card per driver
Card embossing contains driver’s name
Driver’s signature required
Card can be set up with PIN
Driver who uses more than one vehicle on a regular basis
Vehicle Card One card per vehicle
Card embossing contains all vehicle details (make, model, rego)
No signature required
Card can be set up with PIN
A vehicle driven by multiple drivers

Where can I use my WEX Motorpass Fuel Card?

WEX Motorpass is Australia’s most widely accepted fuel card. You can use it at over 93% of service stations throughout the country, from local independents to major brands like BP, Caltex, Coles Express, Shell, 7 Eleven and United. That’s over 6,000 locations Australia wide. It can be used at these locations for both fuel and non-fuel purchases.

How to pay your WEX Motorpass Fuel Card

WEX offers a 44-day interest free account. From the first day to the last day of the month, plus 14 days.

You can pay your WEX Motorpass Fuel Card online, via direct debit, credit card, cheque & BPAY,

or via the WEX Motorpass mobile app. You can set up automatic or manual monthly payments.

Current processing fees:

  • Visa & Mastercard: 1.3%
  • AMEX: 2.1%

Getting the most out of the WEX Motorpass Fuel Card

To get the most out of the WEX Motorpass Fuel Card, you should still ‘shop around’ for the lowest fuel prices using services like petrolspy.com.au. You can also check if you can combine common vehicle and travel related expenses to the card such as car servicing if it makes financial sense. While they do have partner discounts, it’s not stackable with promotions and often based on RRP.

WEX Motorpass Fuel Card options

When it comes to fuel card options, WEX Motorpass offers a few options. There’s the ‘Diesel & Oil only’ option, the ‘Fuel & Oil’ option, as well as ‘All Products’, which covers food and drink for drivers.

There are different Motorpass card options including the Driver Only Card which contains both driver and registration details embossed on it giving access to only the driver of the vehicle. Other options include the Vehicle details Card and the Driver and Registration Card.

You can also tailor the WEX Motorpass fuel card offering, administration, card controls and payment solutions to suit your needs.

Applying for a WEX Motorpass Fuel Card

You can apply for the card online. The eligibility requirements for businesses are:

  • ABN and business name
  • Trading commercially for 6-12 months
  • Your vehicle registration number if the fuel card is being associated with a specific vehicle
  • Driver’s full name if the fuel card is being associated with a specific driver

Other important things to note when applying for a WEX Motorpass Fuel Card

The online application is for applications of 10 fuel cards or less. If you need more than 10 fuel cards, you need to call the sales team at WEX.

Does WEX Integrate Directly with MYOB or Xero?

WEX Motorpass does not directly integrate with MYOB or Xero. Statements come in two formats, one is a PDF file and the other is a TXT file. You could copy and paste the TXT file into excel and load it into MYOB or Xero, but this can be time-consuming.

WEX Motorpass Fuel Card Customer Support

User reviews suggest WEX customer service is poor, but the website is very easy to use with a handy customer support bot. When calling WEX, the wait time to speak to a sales representative was less than 5 minutes and the representative was very friendly and knowledgeable.


Plus Roadside Assist

You can get WEX Roadside Assistance with your WEX Motorpass from just $8.25 (+ GST)/month.


WEX has a string of perks and discounts partners across accommodation, car parking, car wash, taxi, tyres, vehicle parts and accessories, and vehicle servicing, including Best Western Hotels, Secure Parking, Magic Hand Carwash, Cabcharge, Bridgestone, Beaurepaires, Bob Jane T-Marts, Midas, Ultra Tune and more.

WEX Motorpass Customer Service

If you’re an existing customer of WEX Motorpass Card and you need help with your fuel account, WEX Motorpass Card’s team of friendly customer care representatives are available to help you. You can reach them on email or by phone.

Customer Service Phone

1300 366 109

Customer Service Email

[email protected]


– https://www.motorpass.com.au/media/2241866/wex-motorpass-fee-schedule.pdf
– https://www.motorpass.com.au/media/2241878/wex-motorpass-terms-and-conditions.pdf

The basics

Accepted at

Coles Express
EG Caltex
Puma Energy
Freedom Fuels

Discounts & Fees

Fuel Discounts
1 c/L
Discount is across their entire network
Card Fees
inc GST
Transaction Fees
2% surcharge applies when used at Coles Express
Other Fees
Replacement card
$8.80 per card
Late payment fee
$60 +4.1% of the overdue amount
Paper statement fee
$6.54 per statement
Processing Fees
Credit Terms
Not specified

Minimum criteria for this card

What you need before applying
Must be over 18 years old
Hold a valid ABN
Use vehicle for business purposes only

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