FleetCard Partners with Chargefox to Launch FleetCard +Electric

FleetCard Partners with Chargefox to Launch FleetCard +Electric

FleetCard has long been at the forefront of Australian fuel card offerings. Designed with user flexibility and convenience in mind, FleetCard customers can access over 90% of fuel stations Australia wide and over 6,000 non-fuel merchants.

And now, FleetCard – in partnership with Chargefox – has become the first fuel card program in Australia to launch an EV charging fuel card: FleetCard +Electric. This fuel card offers businesses the convenience of managing both traditional fuel and electric vehicle (EV) expenses through a single card, simplifying fleet management and supporting the transition to a sustainable future.

In this article, we’ll cover what you need to know about the FleetCard +Electric, and when you can expect other fuel card providers to start offering EV charge card solutions.

The All in One Fuel & Electric Expenses Solution

FleetCard is the first and currently only fuel card provider in Australia to offer an EV charge card solution. FleetCard +Electric gives card holders access to over 2,000 Chargefox EV charging stations and allows businesses to manage all their vehicle expenses, including EV charging, through one consolidated invoice.

This is excellent news for businesses that have already transitioned their fleet to EVs or are in the process of transitioning and currently operate both petrol and EV cars. It allows them to streamline operations and reduce administrative tasks, two of the major business benefits of fuel cards.

Sam Steel, Managing Director of Corpay AUNZ (FleetCard’s parent company) emphasised the natural progression towards including electricity as a fuel option, highlighting the card’s role in easing the transition to EVs.

“We’re excited to offer our customers the choice to incorporate EV charging as part of their fleet and fuel card. While the term ‘Fuel Card’ has traditionally meant petrol or diesel, electricity is now an important fuel for transport, so it’s natural we added it to the list.”

Benefits of FleetCard +Electric

  • Use at 90% of Australian fuel sites and over 2,000 EV charge points.
  • Access additional services & discounts at 6,000 partner sites, including tires, glass, car wash, batteries, servicing, parts, fluid and more.
  • One monthly consolidated tax invoice for all your vehicles (EV, petrol and diesel).
  • Up to 51 days interest-free credit terms.
  • Access to everyday savings with various fuel discounts available.

Proving its commitment to sustainability, FleetCard is also bringing out new sustainable physical cards made using SICO-R – a sustainable PVC film produced with 99 per cent recycled PVC from industrial waste.

Mixed Fleet Fuel Cards in Australia

As more businesses transition to electric vehicles, the need for fuel cards that support both petrol and electric charging is becoming increasingly important. Currently, FleetCard is the only provider in Australia offering a mixed fuel card that covers both traditional fuel and EV charging.

Internationally, companies like BP have already introduced similar mixed fuel cards, indicating it’s only a matter of time before they bring this service to Australia. Ampol has announced plans to launch mixed fuel cards “soon” but has not provided a specific timeline.

FleetCard is the only fuel card program to currently offer mixed fleet fuel cards. 

This gap in the market raises the question of when other fuel card providers in Australia will catch up. According to the Electric Vehicle Council, there are now over 180,000 EVs in Australia, with sales data showing over 25,000 electric vehicles sold in the first quarter of 2024 alone.

As the EV market continues to grow rapidly, fuel card providers must evolve to meet the increasing demand. Plus, many businesses are focusing on social responsibility and sustainability goals, further driving the growth of EV fleets in the coming years.

With the market expanding and more businesses prioritising sustainability, it is crucial for fuel card providers to expand their services to support mixed fleets.

When will it happen? We’d make an educated guess it’s only a matter of time, hopefully towards the end of 2024 and into the beginning of 2025.

Which Australian Fuel Sites Offer EV Charging?

Several major fuel stations in Australia have begun offering EV charging facilities to accommodate the growing number of electric vehicles. These include:

  • BP
  • Ampol
  • Shell
  • 7-Eleven

Apart from these fuel providers, there are dedicated EV charging stations like Chargefox, Tesla, NRMA, Evie Networks, Jolt & Exploren.

The Future of Mixed Fleet Cards in Australia

The future of mixed fleet cards in Australia looks promising as businesses continue to embrace electric vehicles and the infrastructure to support them expands. FleetCard’s innovative approach sets a precedent, highlighting the need for comprehensive solutions that cater to both petrol and EV needs.

The evolution of mixed fleet cards will play a crucial role in supporting Australia’s transition to a more sustainable future. Providers that adapt quickly and offer comprehensive, flexible solutions will lead the market, meeting the growing demands of businesses committed to both efficiency and environmental responsibility.