Lock in 9 months of savings

Shell Fuel Card

6c off
per litre

At Shell & Coles Express1

4c off
per litre

Ongoing discounts2
+ 2c off per litre on regular fuels

Exclusive introductory offer with $03 card fees.

  • 1,250 locations Australia-wide4
  • Use your Shell Card app on your smartphone
  • Earn rewards with flybuys at Shell Coles Express sites
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Save time & costs
Steamline your business fuel management with a fuel card for each vehicle or employee.
Over 1,250 fuel sites
Access over a growing number of strategic, truck-friendly locations.
Fraud protection
Control and monitor spend with alerts and purchase controls on each fuel card.

Run the numbers

Calculate savings

See how much your business could be saving by simply selecting how much you spend on fuel, and the fuel type to see an estimate.
How much does your business spend on fuel per month?
Fuel Type

Fuel savings in the first year.

Based on a 6c/l promo discount in the first 9 months, 6c/l thereafter and a calculated usage of 682 litres at $1.78/l.
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FleetCard FleetCard

Pay $1.99 card fees and save up to 4c/l at select stations.

Introductory card fee for first 6 months

4c off
per litre

2c/l at all stations and 4c/l from Shell stations within promotional period (6 months)

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4 Reasons You Need a Fuel Card

Wondering why your business needs a fuel card? There are several incredible fuel card benefits that go far beyond dollars and cents savings.

Reduce Admin Time

Save your admin team time and your business money with a fuel card. Fuel cards greatly reduce administration time, saving your admin team countless hours of work (and fewer hours for you to pay). With a fuel card, you and your employees don’t need to keep fuel
receipts or scan and consolidate them come tax time. Each fuel payment made using a fuel card is logged on the card. Not to mention no loss of receipts & admin errors!

Save on Fuel

With incredible pump price discounts, you can save money on your business’s fuel expenses throughout the year. A fuel card gives you peace of mind that your employees are covered whenever and wherever they are, and that the bottom line of your business is covered too.

Better Control

The fuel card’s online portal is easy to use and vies you complete control 24/7. Pay in-app from the comfort of your own card, access exclusive in-app rewards and find your nearest stations all in one place.

Earn rewards with Flybuys

Get rewarded with Flybuys points every time you fill up the car, or grab coffee or lunch on the go! Collect 1 Flybuys point for every $2 spent at Coles Express across all in-store and fuel purchases when you scan your Flybuys card. You can also switch your 4c per litre supermarket fuel docket offer into 8 Flybuys points per litre every time you use your docket at Coles Express. You can also get money off at Coles Express with Flybuys dollars! Redeem your Flybuys points in the Rewards store for Flybuys dollars to use at Coles Express.

1. Promotional discount lasting 9 months for eligible new and select customers only and 2c/l for regular fuel and 4c/l for premium fuel thereafter. Excludes LPG and AdBlue. Shopper docket fuel vouchers do not apply to Shell Card transactions. Valid at participating stations only.
2. Ongoing fixed discount of 2c/l for regular fuel and 4c/l for premium fuel at Shell and Coles Express sites only. Valid at participating stations only.
3. Pay no monthly card fees for 6 months. Thereafter, pay $2.50 Inc GST per card, per month.
4. Valid at participating Shell and Coles Express stations only.

Is your company eligible for a Business Fuel Card?